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Hortonworks was a data software company based in Santa Clara, California that developed and supported open-source software (primarily around Apache Hadoop) designed to manage Big Data and associated processing.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Field sales management seemed clueless to the realities. Terrible decision making when promoting managers that aren't qualified. Worst manager I ever worked for, 20+ years in the industry."


"The Indian IT culture of mentoring (giving illegal favoritism to cronies in your management chain that have worked as manager/subordinate pairs in previous employers) is tolerated at Hortonworks. I am surprised that the legal team has not forbidden it and removed the employees involved."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Hours are insane, no recognition. Think game of thrones."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Team ran lean with unrealistic deadlines & expectations -During interview, was told the team had a work-life balance. That was an out right lie -Hostile, belittling, bullying/abusive environment ran like a sweat shop with no solid support provided by HR. It was generally accepted, company-wide, that the team culture was like this. It was the norm to get 5 hours of sleep or less, even outside of month-end/qtr-end close. You were lucky to get 6+. They joked about it as they passed colds around to the rest of the team regularly -Team was top heavy with one director, six managers (1 or 2 of which were consultants - rotating), one senior level person, and one AR specialist. Very little support given to staff with no plans to hire staff at the lower level and spread work more evenly so people weren't burnt out. Additional projects were added onto everyone's plates. People were drowning in work -Mentally, pysically, and emotionally draining. Visited hospital or fell ill and would need to go home early due to effects of stress -Was constantly requested for status updates between 11 pm and 1 am -No control over your own life. It was made very clear that your personal life revolved around the team's demands/expectations/the work no matter what time of day, month end or not"


"- Unlimited vacation means goodbye vacations... There are black out periods and you're lucky if you get more than 2 weeks. Unlimited just means you won't get paid out when you leave - Lots of politics, not a very good culture; team is segregated - Be prepared to take cases upon cases and getting yelled at by customers if you can't keep up. - Not a lot of manager support for the engineers"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Executive leadership absent--we never see them and rarely hear from them. Hard to feel a connection with any of those guys as it is not clear what our mission and vision are. All we hear from them is about becoming cash flow positive. That is just not inspiring. Stunning lack of diversity at management levels."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Super political and lots of professional nepotism, misogynistic, serious lack of integrity, unrealistic expectations, management at all levels throws subordinates under the bus (for doing what they were told) to cover their own mistakes, project priority shifts after 90% of the work is done, too much shooting from the hip rather than strategy."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No clear direction from management. Engineering drives the direction and the stack is becoming an unmanageable sprawl."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Unethical, grinding environment. Very abusive from the executives down. The good employees are being driven away. Changing org structures constantly because of inept leadership. Large involved projects come down on you like mortar attacks that have to be reacted to as opposed to utilizing data and analysis to get ahead of things (oh the irony). As someone with a great deal of education and multiple technical degrees and a mortgage I would literally be happier working at a gas station, and probably have a better chance at being able to utilize decent technology and automate something."

Software Developer (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately I did not have a good management team supporting me behind my bad manager. Things that were done was based on how well you made your manager look good."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Hortonworks has a great benefits package. Free lunches except for Mondays and Fridays. If you don't mind commuting 2 hours each way then this company would work.free lunches, great benefits.commute to Palo Alto"

Sr. Technical Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"I can't speak for the entire company but my department was mismanaged and filled with backstabbers who spoke negatively behind my back. It seemed like the team members had ulterior motives...."

Training Operations (Former Employee) says

"Company with great benefits, but lacking in a consistent vision and leadership which creates uncertainty and confusion. Since becoming public the company cares more about #s then growth of employees."

Channels and Alliances (Former Employee) says

"Was recruited and hired into hortonworks. They then let go of 90% of our group less than 90 days later with little explanation as to why."

Corporate Recruiter / Sales (Current Employee) says

"Founded in 2011 by 24 engineers from the original Yahoo! Hadoop development and operations team, Hortonworks has amassed more Hadoop experience under one roof than any other organization. Our team members are active participants and leaders in Hadoop development; designing, building and testing the core of the Hadoop platform. We have years of experience in Hadoop operations and are best suited to support your mission-critical Hadoop project."

Raj says

"Before choose any course make sure on get commitment in mail that required topics covered in particular courses. My case, I was mentioning from starting that I need that particular topic for sure during initial conversation with administrative staff and they said, yes it’s covered in the course and if any additional topics needed can be covered in that part of the course. The course started one month delay and while session in progress asked that required topic and trainer said not covered in this course( trainer is excellent). And same topics can covered in different course and there is no dependency on any course and can take anything. Finally , understood from trainer and administrative staff conversations, seems administrative staff is not having sufficient information about course curriculum on different courses. During this time period of 3 months interval, I got new job with different technology and asked same topic on different technology and got response that topic not covered by Cognixia , hence asked refund and they refused to refund. Be careful before choosing !!!"

Rohit Gupta says

"Very Bad Experience. commited for job but last moment they Fluck. Refund told but no money till now. Very Bad institute"

Cic383#*# says

"- I paid for a training - The Indian guy who was my contact told me that I will be refunded if I don't like the training after the first session - I participated in the first session and it was horrible, 40 people joined from India and they were asking in their own language from the trainer - I asked for a refund 3 months ago - It's 3 months that 10s emails are going back and force and no refund"

Suvrajyoti Chanda says

"Never ever get admit to collabera....big cheater and big lier....I am also victim of collabera.....not given me job after AWS course completion. Beware of collabera. Now they have change the name of company as Cognixia. Try to spread this message everywhere so that any more further people cannot get trapped."

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